Weird things going on..

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by KatBar, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Weird things going on..

    Been having a very weird week and ½.. I will write this via cycle date to make more sense. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences..

    CD 26: Had EWCM mixed in with lotion style CM. Decided to DTD just in case.

    CD 27: Felt a few sharp stabbing pains in the left ovary in the morning – was over quickly, but very sharp. In the afternoon my stomach felt a bit crampy (like the pressure you get with built up gas, only I had no gas what so ever).

    CD 28: Woke up with the sorest lower back and loads of cramping. I went to my morning cycle class and couldn’t sit upright on the bike without getting pains in my lower stomach/uterus area. I thought I must of slept on my back weirdly, but the pain my back, and the cramping, continued on throughout the day without easing at all – it made me want to be sick at a few points. I ended up leaving work early.

    CD 29: The back pain is almost gone today, and cramping is only mild in uterus area. I suspected it may be a kidney stone and booked a doctor appointment. Doctor suspects a cyst and refers me to get an ultrasound (which have to wait until following Wednesday for). Doc did mandatory Preg test too – Neg.

    CD 30: Again, any back pain is now only mild, and same with the cramps – almost non-noticeable. However, in the evening I get home from work and I am so tired that my eyes stings. I also have a massive headache and cannot get warm at all – it’s about 20 degrees outside, and I am in PJs, slippers and a dressing gown with a blanket over me, and I am still shivering. I go to bed early but struggle to get warm. After putting an extra blanket on, I wake up 45 minutes later boiling hot – I suspect I am getting the flu my OH has had.

    CD 31: Wake up with headache still throbbing and feel like I have been beaten all over with a bat. However, not much back pain or cramping at all. I get a small amount of brown spotting – which always shows a few days before my period starts (I have a 32-34 day cycle, so this is right on cue).

    CD 32: Lower back pain flares up a bit today, but nothing like when it first started – still just mild. Flue symptoms appear to be gone too.. Slight aches, but their mild now, and headache has completely gone. I don’t appear to be getting the runny nose or cough my OH has. Tiny bit of brown spotting again. Had horrible nightmare/vivid dreams (I have had them in the past).

    CD 33: Back pain eased again – just mild. Odd cramp here or there, but nothing serious. Flu symptoms completely gone now (wondering if it were a 24 hour virus?). No spotting what-so-ever, just regular dry CM – this is unusual??! Horrible dreams again, and disturbed sleep.

    CD 34: No period and no signs of spotting again – just dry CM! Feeling fine, back is a little sore still, but it’s not overly noticeable. Having the odd cramp, but again, fairly mild. Period should have shown today..

    I have an ultrasound to see if there is a cyst tomorrow, so guess they will see what’s really going on in there.

    Anyway, really just wondering if other people have had similar experiences.. They suspect I have PCOS - has anyone with PCOS had something like this happen to them?
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    Does not at all sound like my pcos. Especially if you have regular cycles!

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