What does your 9 month old eat?????

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by dollych, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Just wondering what your 9 month lo's have to eat???.
    I'm always looking for new things to feed him. I try and give him a variety of foods and he loves everything!!!. This is his usual routine.......

    7-8am Porridge, baby muesli or weetabix followed by 5-6 oz of milk

    11-12 Either Chicken casserole, beef casserole, fish, shephards pie or scrambled egg, followed by pureed fruit or yoghurt and 50z milk

    3-4 Mashed veg and potato or Cheese melted over potato followed by pureed fruit and 5 oz milk

    8pm Bed with 8oz milk

    I make all the foods from Annabel Karmel books and freeze them but i was just wondering what else he should be having????. I tend not to give him snacks as i tried to give him carrot sticks and rice cakes and he choked!!!.
    Thanks any ideas would be appreciated. xx
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    Nov 8, 2009
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    Callums a veggie so we're a bit different, but I always try and make sure he has either pasta, rice or potato based dishes. I also make sure that he has helpings of cheese and eggs through the week (he doesn't like scrambled egg so I give him some hard boiled eggs instead). Also as hes a veggie we were told to include a lot of green veg to increase his iron intake so I usually make sure to give him things like broccoli cheese and some spinich meals. We also follow the annabel karmel dishes as she has some good meals, we've also got these books which we find great to follow -




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