what is going on with my ovulation tests

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive Over 35' started by Stephanie, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I have no idea what is going on with my cycle. First I was loosing days going from 34 to 28. Last month I only spotted at day 28 and nothing until day 29, so now my cycle is getting longer again.

    I started ovulation tests a day before I was meant to, just to make sure.
    I didn't get anything, no faint lines at all. So I kept on going on passed when I was due to ovulate again just to make sure. I got all negs up until 3 days past ovulation date. The lines where not as dark as the control line but dark enough i hope.:thumbup:

    I have to have a blood test on cycle day 21, but when i checked on-line when this test should be done, it is 7 days passed ovulation. That would be fine if i was regular and have a perfect 28 day cycle. I am not sure if i should still go for blood test on Thursday.:shrug:

    let me know what you think ladies:thumbup:

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    You are correct, they call it 21 day bloods because that would be 7days past a "typical" ovulation day (CD14 Ov + 7 DPO= CD21). However, if you ovulated later in your cycle, then I would think you'd need to reschedule your blood draw for 7days past that...

    Maybe call your doctor to confirm though? Best of luck hun!!!! Hope all is good ;)
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    Although the test is usually taken at day 21 does not mean its tightly tied to your actual ov day as that would mean most women's tests would be invalid.

    What they actually do is take the test about day 21 and the lab compares your levels to the average for that time in your cycle .There's a graph for cd 1-15 and similarly a graph for cd 15- 28.

    I now that could read as not including people with longer cycles or different ov times, however if you're ovulating really late in the cycle (i.e past the above graph) this should be picked up as this could indicate old lining and not ideal for implantation although it should be stressed it is still not impossible to get pregnant.

    If this is the case you probably should have a few progesterone tests to see what your levels are.

    If you've just ovulated late say cd 19 as opposed to cd 16 or similar, i wouldnt worry. However, as always, if you have any worries or questions call up and ask, its your right and your body after all! :)

    As it happens I ovulate cd 17-18 and had mine at cd22 and it was fine!

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    :hugs: Omi xxx

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