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    Hello ladies.
    So me and my husband have been actively trying to conceive for a year. We conceived in February but lost the baby at 8 weeks.
    Here's my question I am 17dpo and I have been getting faint positive frer test for a week and also faint positive clear blue test for the last 3 days. But on 13dpo I got what I thought was my period. It was medium to heavy with no clots of cramps. On 14dpo it got a bit lighter and was now a medium flow and on 15dpo and 16 dpo I just spotted brownish. Well I tested yesterday and today and got faint BFP. And had blood test done yesterday at 16dpo and it came back today BFN. They are chalking it up as a chemical pregnancy. But the bleeding is gone and my bfp this morning was darker then they have been this whole time? Also I didn't get any cramps with the bleeding or clots. I had tiny tiny clots on 13 and 14 dpo and that's it. Now my breast hurt and lower back and head aches for a week and a half. And yes the test I posted where taken with in the tike frame.

    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this and if so what was the result? I have a ultrasound Friday but wanted to see if anyone experienced something similar and was in fact preg? Or found out what caused all the false positive urine test!?!



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