What is wrong with me? Starting to panic!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by sahmkjsky, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. sahmkjsky

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    Okay girls so I am now approaching 23 weeks and last week hubby was off work for a few days and although I am not working at the moment I took the time to re-arrange the living room - we changed around all the seating and cabinets etc but even now I still want more changed around - now I am getting in a blind panic about the bedroom so hubby took down our 3 door wardrobe and drawers and now we just have a small compact 2 rails and I have sold £500 worth of clothes on ebay BUT I am STILL not happy!
    In our bedroom we have a large double bed with 4 drawer cabinets either side, the wardrobe rail thingy in the corner and I think if I move that then there is plenty of room for the cotbed to go for baby when it comes along...so why am I freaking out? I now am contemplating selling the two drawers either side of the bed and buying a brand new wardrobe system for either side of the bed that you can have dwarers and rails in aka IKEA - is i really neessary?
    We are in a large one bed flat which is on the market and has been since end of Jan - we did have a buyer but it fell through a few weeks ago so its likely that we will still be here when baby comes along on, we also have 3 cats although they are no trouble and when the weather is good they go out on the balcony all day so they are out of my hair
    FREAKING OUT!!!! Will we have enough space for baby? Along with the cot bed I have decided I dont need a baby bath or a changer unit as I can use those foam changers on the bed or on the floor - what other space will I need apart from clothes? Oh god!
    ANyone else in london or coped in a one bed flat with cats?:hissy:
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    Wow!! Breathe!!! lol

    Until the baby starts to be mobile you really dont need to worry too much...they tend to stay where you put them!! The baby can be in a moses basket for a little while. All you will need is somewhere to keep the clothes and somewhere to keep nappies etc. When I was born my parents were renovating a house, so we all lived in the one room that was finished for a few months. I used to get bathed in the sink...!

    I think the panicking is just a nesting thing...I dismantled my entire kitchen last week and scrubbed everything...

    Put your feet up and chill! It will all be fine.
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    I was starting to wonder if it is what people call "nesting" - its mad how it takes a hold of you and you have NO CONTROL over it though!
    I honestly just feel at the moment that we need a 5 bed house for the room and that I might have a go at hubby for having SO many clothes! Honestly the man has about 40 t shirts! He wont downsize like I have...although he has said he will put away his LPS and desks in the living room which is a MASSIVE thing for him! I was surprised when he said. We were going to use the unit that holds the decks and LPS as drawers for all the baby clothes and I could if I wanted to change the baby on top of the unit too...
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    I know how you are feeling :hugs:. I went out while DH was at work last week and bought a house :blush: seriously I think I have gone a bit mental. The place we were in was fine, lots of room for baby especially because they hardly take any room but I panicked and now we own two places, scary :dohh:. You will get along just fine in a one bedroom and it sounds like you are making it quite organized. Try not to stress xxxx.
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    I'm in similar situation, housing wise - one-bed flat in London with a cat - but I have resolved to stay here as long as we can, maybe start to look for a new flat when the baby is 18 months or so. I don't want to sell right now, even supposing we could get a buyer, and I definitely don't want the hassles of moving. So we have to make the best of it!

    I am reminding myself that the baby doesn't care about having his own room and his own furniture, all he needs is somewhere to sleep and his mum and dad feeding and looking after him. We rearranged our bedroom (we don't have a wardrobe, just a rail, and one chest of drawers, but we do have some built-in storage under the roof rafters; it's an attic bedroom) to make best use of the space. The only extra furniture will be the cot and maybe some sort of a chair. I'll have the cot right next to the bed (it's a bedside cot, one side comes right down and slides underneath). And we need to have a ruthless clear out of old clothes and stuff, put some stuff into storage under the bed, to make room in the drawers for all baby's things - clothes, nappies, etc etc etc etc. We'll be getting rid of loads of stuff. I'm not a hoarder really but things do accummulate an I hate too much clutter in my way, so I'd rather be ruthless now than live in a mess later.

    We'll be using a changing mat on the floor, too, no special dresser or anything, and I've ordered a thing for baby to sit in while in the normal bath as we don't have space for a baby bath. It's a support seat, suitable for newborns, and it folds up.

    Everything I have ordered is as small and compact as possible. We're getting a Bugaboo Bee pushchair because it is compact and light (we're on the second floor of a Victorian conversion). I decided against a Moses basket because baby will need to be in a cot eventually and in the room with us, so why not start from the beginning that way, get used to it.

    As for our cat, well, she's used to getting the run of the flat (no balcony, she doesn't go outside) so things will have to change for her. Our bedroom door is not attached so we will need to get a gate sooner rather than later and she'll have to sleep downstairs (I guess you'd call it a maisonette, there's one room downstairs, a kitchen/living room, it's not big). I don't expect she'll like it but - that's the way it'll be.

    You need to breathe - it'll be ok! And I can guarantee you are more stressed about it than baby ever will be! :hug:

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