What should I be asking for? TTC 3+ years, Frustrated!

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by RedDirtMama, Jan 6, 2019.

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    I’m not sure what to do or what to ask for. DH and I have been TTC since 08/15, coming up on 3.5yrs. My doc says everything “looks” normal, no tests. Nada. DH referred for sperm analysis and that’s within normal ranges.

    What do I call and ask for for myself? Aren’t there tests that should be run? Bloodwork?? Anything?? It’s been nearly 3.5years of TTC, I’m frustrated. So confused as to why DH has tests being run (bloodwork, doctor referrals, analysis, etc.) and I just get LOOKED at.
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    I went to my doctor last year as we'd been TTC for over a year. The first thing my doctor did was take bloods during the first few days of my cycle & day 21. She also referred me for a scan which was external. In the meantime I got my hubby to arrange a test for himself which came back fine so I went back the docs & she then referred me to the fertility department of my local hospital, where they they redid my blood tests & arranged for me to have a hycosy to check my fallopian tubes. I now see a consultant in March to discuss all the results. I know that the blood tests I have had show that my body has to work slightly harder than normal for my age to ovulate & I have a blocked fallopian tube. They also offered us a test you pay for to check my egg reserve which has come back low :-(

    I can't understand why you haven't been offered any tests!

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