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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by baby D, Apr 11, 2009.

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    You may remember that i had decided to give dtream feeding a try as Amelia was almost making it through the night - 8 - 4 and i thought a dream feed MAY see her through till 6.........NO! The first few nights she refud to take any milk and then when she did, it seemed to aggravate her reflux - i guess because her digestive system had gotten used to not having that feed ...plus, she then decided that if i was going to feed her at 10.30 (4 hrs after bedtime feed) she wanted feeding every 3 - 4 hrs ALL NIGHT! :dohh:

    So have given up with this dreemfed lark as it really isn't working for Amelia!!!

    Problem is her sleeping habbits have gone backwards since starting all this and i don't know what to do :dohh:

    She will now go to bed as normal but wake between 12 and 2 and is really unsettled for anything from 40mins till 2 1/2hrs!!! Having to put her dummy in to help her drift off but as soon as it falls out she wakes again :dohh: Now i know ahe is NOT hungry as when i have offered her milk she has not seemed bothered or taken a full feed - it just seems she has forgotten how to sleep deeply since i began waking her at 10.30 for a few days - really wish i hadn't!!

    What do i do? I know she can go a full 8hrs from bedtime feed till next one as she was doing 8 - 4ish everynight for about a month amd now it has all gone to pot :cry:

    Have been advised to just keep resettling (with dummy/cuddle) without a feed untill 4 then feed her - Health visitor has said she will soon 'learn' how to sleep her 7 - 8 hrs again.

    Well have been doing this for 3 night now and it doesn't seem to be working - i am out of bed every 10 - 20 mins to put dummy back in!

    Also (thanks if you are still with me :dohh:) due to needing to keep her upright for 20 - 30 mins after a feed to relieve her reflux, Amelia hasn't learned to settle herself to sleep as she ALWAYS falls asleep on me in this time - well her reflux is much improved and i wnt to teach her to settle herself as i am guessing this will help in the nightime if she is able to get back off to sleep herself - rather then needing me/dummy when she stirs/wakes during the light stages of her sleep - but how? She is COMPLETELY used to falling asleep on me :dohh:

    OK will stop ranting - but please girls, any thought/advice - i havn't been this tited since she was newborn:cry:

    Feel like crying - bad mummy for messing with her routine!!!

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    :hugs: I'm afraid I'm not a great source of info as Hannah's sleep patterns changed for the worse right around that time too and we didn't get it back on track until she was having three meals of solids a day. You aren't a bad mommy though and their sleep habits do change as they get older, sometimes babies who sleep through will suddenly stop sleeping through for a variety of reasons. Hope you get it worked out soon :hugs:
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    :hug: Im not too sure i would probably just go with what the HV said for a few more nights then if its still not working maybe try alter her daytime routine slightly to give her a later bedtime and if that works then over time you can bring the bedtime back earlier. iykwim?

    Hope she gets back into her routine soon :hugs: x

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