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    Hi ladies, for those of you who would like to let your relatives and friends know what kind of items you'd like for baby but those people are scattered over different countries/continents, have a look at whattogive.com (I don't work there, I promise!).

    It's super easy to use and what I did was - anything with the price listed in GBP means you can get it in the UK, and anything listed in USD means you can easily get it in the States. It's making Christmas easier for my family back home because they know they're getting me something that I can't get over here.

    You can even choose a personalised URL (for instance, I chose one that ended in wouldlikethis.co.uk so I didn't sound greedy!)

    You can put notes on for each item - so for instance, on a lot of mine I'd put notes like 'The list price is expensive but you can get this much cheaper on eBay' etc.

    Anywho, I hope someone finds this helpful!

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