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    hi guys.

    When did you start weaning?

    How did you know your baby was ready?

    What food did you start with?

    Thanks x
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    I must be honest, I didn't particuarly know :blush::shrug: noob!! But to be fair I didn't get many of the 'signs' yet have a baby that's really taken to food quite well! Aside from him putting things in his mouth (which could be teething anyway) I didn't see any obvious signs. :shrug:Milk still seemed to satisfy him, yes he would watch us eat with interest, which is one of the signs, but he'd also watch me do something else 'with interest' so hard to judge!! :shrug: also, HV asked me if he had begun waking in the night "again", (which suggests hunger and a sign they are ready for food), but he never DID sleep through by this point.. so waking in the night once or twice for a feed was normal. :dohh:

    At 4 and a half months, I had some friends twittering on at me that they can start to eat at that age. I was mixed opinion. I only tried very small amount of baby rice, to the point I wouldnt exactly call it weaning. I was happy to try the rice, as it's basically just their normal milk with a bit of texture rather than anything that would upset his tummy. He did take a bit here and there, but at times he would wretch a little at the different texture, and I felt awful. I fed this on an evening before bed and tried a little in the morning. Some days I would skip it altogether though. I did notice his nights improved, less waking for milk, yet weightgain stayed the same (usually very good each week) :thumbup:

    He seemed to lose interest in the baby rice and a few weeks on (I think!) I tried banana porridge. This was more sucessful due to a better flavour I guess and I wonder if things would have been better using this first. I didn't force huge amounts though but was steadily upping it.

    At 6 months, I mentioned weaning to the HV, hoping she'd give me advice as I was quite scared. She looked at me pretty shocked that I wasn't already 'feeding' him, probably because he's always been a good weighgainer. She gave me the go ahead to try veggies/fruit. I ran out that night in a panic if I'm honest... and bought a steamer and a handblender and tried him with some fruit which made me feel 'better'!

    A few weeks on though I feel much happier and have a freezer full or organised pots and standby options like shop bought squeezy tube fruits in the cupboard. I started with the 'base' I was used to (the porridge or rice) and then combined with fruit for breakfast and did similar on the evening but with a veggie. Since then I've introduced some yoghurt (he loves this but I know cows products are mixed opinion) and a tiny bit of crushed rusk with milk at times. I've tried to be adventurous with different types of fruit and veg. The quantities have easily upped and upped, little piggy!!

    I have yet to introduce a lunchtime meal as 4 days out of 7, he is looked after by family members and I'm not sure I'm ready to hand over a 'meal' responsibility yet, I want him well practiced with me, so he just has milk in the daytime. It's working out well though and last weighin was very good progress.

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