where do I stand??

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by MissyMojo, Oct 8, 2013.

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    argh not impressed with orange or rather EE!!!!i was happy on orange, trucking along doing my thing, i get a call a few months ago, asking if i'd like to take advantage of the new EE 4G launch as i had a 4g handset and EE was rolling out 4g in my area, was told EVERYTHING WOULD*BE EXACTLY THE SAME it was just a change of simcard, im now a few months in and realised i dont use all my talkplan really and could i lower it at all, to be told EE dont allow you to lower your talkplan its in their terms and conditions.i never got a copy of EE t's &c's, and i never questioned it as i was told everything would be EXACTLY THE SAME. which clearly theyre not at Orange allow you to lower your talkplan, hell they even help you to do it with Best Plan Reviews!!!so where do i stand?? i feel ive been misled
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    The majority of phone companies don't send out T's and C's anymore but they are required to tell you that they are available to read online.

    If you were told that that the only thing that would change was the sim and provider but the T's and C's would be the same you can request to have the call listened to (providing that they still have it) and they should help you from there. However, they will argue etc and say you should have checked online and familiarised yourself with their policies. I've worked for a phone company before and believe me when I say that they will do everything they can to not give you what you want because they're not about customer satisfaction but about targets and policies.

    By all means fight it, you may get somewhere. Especially if you refuse to put the phone down and demand to speak to managers etc. They may eventually give into you, even if it is just to get you off the phone.

    Best of luck.

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