Where to spend the holidays?

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    Some background info first

    My husband and I live in CO (I moved here to be with him). His family lives a block from us and my family is in PA. I usually see them twice a year, typically summer and Thanksgiving due to time off (I am a teacher). Hubby and I are usually on our own for Christmas (typically do a cruise).

    So, this year, my family is treating us to a vacation in FL and we will fly to PA a few days before Christmas. We will be in CO for Thanksgiving this year. My baby will be 7 months old at Thanksgiving. Is it expected that we go to our in-laws for Thanksgiving? I really would like to stay at our home and cook for my husband and make baby food for my daughter. I want her first holidays to be spend at our house with our little family. I would feel the same about Christmas if we weren't going on a trip.

    Am I being selfish? How do I approach this? I would have no problem having them over for dessert or something, but it's like it's expected that we go to their house and spend the day. They don't ask, they just call and say "be here at this time". It kind of bothers me. And they were up in arms when we mentioned we might go to PA for both holidays (which we aren't now). Just need some thoughts/advice
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    i dont think your being selfish, i wanted to have all my kids first holidays at home. at Christmas time i made sure we were home at least till late afternoon, so we could open gifts, play, have breakfast, lunch etc, then for dinner we could go be with family and all the craziness.
    This yr we are on our own anyway as my family is overseas and DH family are in CA, its really nice to have the quietness and closeness of our little family, without big family dramas, might sound selfish but oh well lol

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