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    I'm still planning my daughter's birthday! Anyway, wanted ask for opinions. I am thinking of doing either of these things :

    1) Putting a plate / cup / cutlery / party hat / party blower / cardboard dummy (for a game) / napkin / party favor in individual boxes - one per person, so they have everything they need on the table, in a box

    2) Set out the table with place settings, and put the party hat / party blower / party favor on top of the plates

    3) Just put everything into (neat) piles on the table and get everyone to help themselves

    Which one would be best?

    I am thinking for the favors of a cupcake each (the guests willhave birthday cake too but the cupcakes are to take home) and party bags for the 3 children ...

    Apart from for the babies, there won't be any lunch, as everyone has opted to have lunch after the party. I am thinking of doing birthday cake, some crisps and hopefully a chocolate fountain with some fruit and marshmallows. If I can't find a chocolate fountain then I think I'll just provide the fruit anyway. Then the cupcakes can be used as favors. Or would it be better to put out the cupcakes too, and do something else for the favors?

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