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Discussion in 'Bride & Beyond' started by Groovychick, May 11, 2021.

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    Jun 10, 2010
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    My partner and I are getting married very soon.

    I am however having difficulty deciding who to invite. I would like to invite my mum and brother but not my dad as I don't get on well with him. However, I can see how this would be unlikely to work and would almost certainly cause a rift which I don't want.

    Thoughts much appreciated. :)
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    Sep 6, 2012
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    Wow what a difficult choice !!

    If you don’t want the rift I would invite him and see how things go . You might not see him that much on the day anyway or he himself might not turn up ! I know you shouldn’t have to feel on edge either on your big day !

    I hope you come to a decision your happy and comfortable with and enjoy your big day ! Congratulations ! x
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