why are people sooo funny at times?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by MummyMummy, Apr 22, 2009.

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    funny as in pissy, not haha funny.

    mr.man should be in work for 8.30am. finishes at 4.30pm.

    as you know i am 33weeks preg with spd/pgp he has asked for dif hours so that he could be home earlier to help me but work refused flexi hours. his boss of his department knows what's going on etc. and mr.man has taken a carers day when i've not been able to move properly aka get outta bed without paracetamol. he is in on time literally all the time though with baby starting school past few weeks and my preg progressing therefore more pressure on my already split pubic area getting dressed/out/moving is taking aaages and i can't really do much to get baby dressed, so all down to mr.man. it's a mad hectic rush, although we are up early kwim? although last week his alarm didn't go off so he onnly got in at 9.15am but that neeeever happens, complete one off. many many times he's stayed behind till gone 5pm as people who he collects off (works for nhs) hadn't bother to boxup what he needed to collect etc etc!!!

    monday mr.man was in work for 20 past 8, nobody complained, finished at 4.25pm... nobody said anything although he'd stayed behind 5mins extra. today we were in carpark at his work and he was just talking about who to phone at lunch as he was getting out and then went round back to give baby a kiss and today i picked him up and he was like i have a meeting thurs because the women in the black car this morn (some boss or other) has complained about me getting in for 8.35. yet she seen him in the car park there out of the car.

    is it justme or is that really pissy?! he's asked for flexi hours (although them hourswouldn't help with babys school times, so that doesn't matter now, thatwas before he started school), his department boss knows the situation yet they can't give him any leway with what's going on right now at home re: my pregnancy problems?! of course i know they are his hours, but come on they could try being reasonable, it isn't killing anybody... well appart from my pubic bone rushing around and struggling to not be late :x

    he has to get to local town for 9am and he always does, even today when he was just under 5mins late. so what on earth was the problem? it's potentially up to another 9weeks (33weeks preg, 34 on sat) and it's not like he's late everyday, it's not like he's signingin at wrong times or expecting to be paid for it kwim? he's been there5years and is always available for overtime (even without being asked just told 'can you give this to *his name* to do as overtime') and has good record and gets all his work done ontime (even though his jb is for 2 people but he does it alone) not just that but the job he on now when he first started they didn't even pay him the higher wages for several months!! yet again though nobody complained.

    i'm really pissed you know.

    to make it worse the bitch that reported it is ALWAYS staring at me whenever i pick mr.man up/drop him off. like proper glaring at me. dunno why! sure she's due a big 'fuck you' sometime in the near future. excuse mylanguage, so not like me as you knowit's just really irked me!


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