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Discussion in 'Teenage Parenting' started by Burchy314, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Burchy314

    Burchy314 Guest

    Topic One:
    Do I really look like I am 15!? Yesterday my friends Grandpa told her that he thought I was 14. Then today at Walmart the cashier asked my Mom how old I was because she though I was like 15. Also at walmart a freaking SIX year old girl asked me how old I was! When I replied that I was 18 she responded "Are you the babies mom?" I said yes...She gives me a weird look and walks away. I mean seriously! She was like 6 and she is already judging teen moms. That was just awkward.

    Topic Two:
    OMG I AM GOING CRAZY! I am so broody! It didn't bother me at all, but today I have just gotten all hormonal or something. I am SO jealous of everyone pregnnt, ttc, and moving into their own place. I can't wait until it is my turn to get my own place and have me OH and our LO be a real family on our own. I can't wait until it is my turn to announce that I am pregnant again. I don't know if I can wait to TTC until Jayden is 2 (when OH wants to TTC) or even 1 (when I originally wanted to TTC) I just want to try now, but my OH wont let that happen. I think he might change his mind once we get our own place. Now we just need that to happen.

    How does everyone else get over their broodyness?
  2. xforuiholdonx

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    The judgemental people of this day and age are RIDICULOUS! ugh. you dont look 15! promise.

    And as for my broodyness, I so badly want to be pregnant again, but when i think about it, I realize right now, theres no way it can happen. Im just thinking about going back to school for my rn, and I really need to get my career established beforehand. That some what helps I guess, Lol.
  3. Burchy314

    Burchy314 Guest

    Haha that doesn't help me. I REALLY don't want to go back to school, but I am. I just want my own place before TTC. I know my OH can provide for us plus me with a part time job we would be fine. We just need our own place. Also being married would be nice so my family would take the news better.
  4. x__amour

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    Omg, the same thing happened to me at Kohls last night. I was buying a whole bunch of clothes for Tori and the cashier was like, "Oh these are too cute! Are they for your niece?" And I was like, "Um, no. They're for my daughter." She was uncomfortably like, "Oh... Um... How old are you?" I was like, "I'm 19." And she goes, "OH HA. That's a relief! Oh my gosh, you look like you're 14! Thank God. At least that'll came in handy in the future!" I was just kind of like thinking to myself, "... Bitch?" But yeah, even if I was 14 people have no reason to be rude. Age doesn't determine the kind of mother you are.

    And for your broodyness, I have nothing there. I have yet to be broody, lol!
  5. lizardbreath

    lizardbreath Guest

    Thats so rude that people say stuff like that. I had a server one time say to me , Is that your Daughter, I was like Yes of chorse and shes like your Pregnant are you not like 17. I was pissed Im like actually im 21 Ugh the nerve of some people seriously
  6. annawrigley

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    I'm not gonna lie you do look quite young! Out of order for a stranger to just say that though :wacko: So rude

    I'm a bit broody, not too bad, but I'm just trying to focus on finishing my education and bringing Noah up the best I can, I know I wouldnt cope with 2 right now (well I'd scrape by but it wouldnt be fun) and I have no partner so TTC is not really a possibility right now! xx
  7. QuintinsMommy

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    Jun 24, 2009
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    Topic 1 - OMG i get that and I'm 20, I have had people ask if Quins mine and how old I am cause I look so young! lol wtf? I had one go "is that your baby?" and I'm like "uh yea" and hes like "what are you like 16?" and I'm like "no I'm 20" and he was like "wheres the baby daddy" my mother was like wtf? you don't need to know any of this!

    Topic 2 - I have really bad broodiness from time to time, sometimes I feel like my womb is screaming at me, like anna said I just try to remember I need to go to school, and have many other goals I want to do before having another
  8. xgem27x

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    May 28, 2009
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    Topic 1 - sooooo fricking annoying!!

    People say to me "you don't look old enough to have twins!!" ...so i say "what age do you have to be to have twins then??" <<< How ridiculous is that?!

    And also people say "are they yours??" ...so i say "one of them is, but I stole the other one from the hospital when the midwives weren't looking!" <<< actually do get a few weird looks with that one, like I think they BELIEVE ME!! :haha:

    And my favourite one "are they twins??" ...so i say "no, the one on the left is actually two years old but he was born 17 months premature!" << trust me, they actually think about it and then pause!! DUMBARSES!! :haha:
  9. annawrigley

    annawrigley Guest

    :rofl: You tell em!
  10. flutterbywing

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    Oct 2, 2009
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    Sod em, you know how old you are ;)

    Broody is normal unfortunately!

    ANNA!!! I want that song for my first dance, love a bit of bright eyes ;)
  11. annawrigley

    annawrigley Guest

    Its lovely isnt it :D And perfect for a first dance!

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