Witch came 23 Oct after a 46 day cycle any buddies?

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by Trying4ever, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Finally, finally 46 days later the :witch: comes. The first two days it was just spotting does that count as cd1? Then on 25 Oct I got full flow. But the pain this time is sooo bad. Has anyone else had that before? When I press on my ovaries it hurts more instead of less so I just have to walk like a hunch back :(
    Anyway, this cycle instead of waiting for the :witch: I'm going to pray for a :bfp:. At first I am thinking I have no hope with such long cycles since Jan 2008 (37, 46, 36, 78, 46, 46....I've only had 6 cycles in 10 months!) but I have read some really positive stories. I am taking all my vitamin supplements; 1000mg vit C and iron in the morning and multivitamin and flaxseed oil capsules with my evening meal.

    Then on cd9 I'm going to start on some chinese herbal medicine stuff. to see if that helps with my cycle. I am going to a reflexologist to help me relax and I might do some yoga this month. So fingers crossed all this renewed positiveness helps with a :baby: If not then maybe nows not the right time for me :cry:

    Does anyone know whenyou are supposed to take guafenasine cough mixture? Might aswell give that a go too. Anyone else also have such long cycles and their cd1 happened this week or therabouts? What type of things are you doing? I haven't got any treatment from the consultant yet so may aswell try on my own in the meantime. If my cycle is really long again should I ask for provera this time or just wait till they start me on clomid?

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