Wombsong Fetal Doppler for sale!!

Discussion in 'Buy, Swap & Sell' started by chrisi, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Jan 14, 2009
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    Hi, I am selling a wombsong fetal doppler for £20 if anyone is intersted?
    I bought it only a couple weeks ago but my firend bought me a hi - tec one in America so I now have 2 which forces sale! I found hb around 15 weeks it did take me a while at 1st but found it easier each time! You can play music to your baby and record the hb, and you can also talk to your baby with the microphone supplied with it. It has a blue stretchy band to hold the doppler inplace around your tummy and earphones to listen to hb/movements/hiccups etc! Its great for any pregnant woman for reassurance between midwife appoints.

    Im having problems posting pics but i will try send them to you by email if necessary.

    Please PM if any further info required. xx

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