Wondfo test evap ? Have you even had one

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Tests' started by jessandaj, May 30, 2013.

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    I'm not sure if its a wondfo because it doesn't say it on the package but the test look the same as what wondfo do. I've used about 7 of them and they've been stark white. Well today at 10dpo I used about a 5 hour hold and I can see something there its so faint and I don't think I could eve get it on camera but I know its something I just don't trust or completly so I wanted opinions on them cause this is the first month I've had them. Thank you ! Babydust to everyone :)
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    I have mixed emotions on this. I have only used them this cycle - and mainly bought them so I could test out my trigger.

    I think I was able to use them for like a day or 2 with flat negatives, before I noticed evap lines - and once they started, they happened with nearly every test (i was doing them 4+ times a day from Tuesday onward.)

    I was getting extremely frustrated, so stopped at the dollar general store, and picked up some cheapie tests there - some of the $1 ones, and their generic version of the clear blue easy early test (up to 5 days before your missed period).

    Went home, and after 1.5 hour hold, I had faint positives on BOTH tests.

    The WondFo are still showing up negative - with a shadow/evap line appearing after the time limit.

    I have seen people say they used them for many many cycles and never an evap - and others say they were horrible for evaps.

    I'm not terribly helpful, but I know how you feel, and how badly you want to know - because I am THERE too. :( :hugs:

    I guess the only answer is - that they may well be evaps - but they may also be VERY early BFPs. I am afraid I just don't trust them because If they are supposed to be as sensitive or more so than the Dollar store tests, they would have been more obviously positive, and yet they appear to only be shadows and at that only well after the time limit.

    If I were you, I'd do what I did, and go get some OTHER cheap tests - or an FRER - to put your mind at ease :) Good luck!! :dust:

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