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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by babynewbie, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Mar 31, 2009
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    I really dont know what to do, hope someone can help.

    I work full time at my job, been there 2 years but i hate it there.
    Im fed up of the work and dont really get on with anyone but as theres no jobs anywhere else have just had to stick it out.

    My boss and a couple of the management team know im pregnant, but they are really funny with me about it and still piling on my workload, knowing im struggling to handle it.
    I get so tired now, getting exhausted by the smallest of tasks but im made to feel guilty if i comment or ask to go sit down for 5 minutes.

    Its got to the point where im really miserable there and just about had enough of it, i know nobody really loves their job, but i wake up every morning very teary dreading the day ahead. :cry:

    Friday night i was in hospital with extreme pain in my lower belly, they think it may be a cyst on my ovary that had ruptured, but they said no harm to the baby which is good. Just got to rest up and keep an eye out.
    Called work and they were extremely funny with me, almost not believing me and huffing and moaning when i said ive been told not to work for a bit.

    But im stuck with what to do, i really dont think i can stay at that job a minute longer without having a breakdown, but if i leave i wont be entitled to any maternity benifits or help.

    Sorry its a bit long but if anyone has any advice at all it would really help..?
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    Apr 11, 2009
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    Hey hon :hug:

    The positive news is, normally you don't stay feeling like this for the whole pregnancy.

    I just did not know how I was going to manage the rest of the year at work when I was 7/8 weeks.

    If you're not upto it, call the doctor. They will write you a note, and you can take a break. If like me, the same amount of work will be there when you get back ;) then you have to start talking to the bosses about how THEY are going to handle it.

    Waking up dreading work is horrible :/

    But if things are really getting that out of control, then the sooner it's dealt with the better.

    The way I got my work to think about my pregnancy etc was to schedule a meeting to plan how we would hand over for mat leave, and therefore how we would handle the time between now and then.

    You and your bean are the most important thing, and the greatest thing about the human race is, we normally find a way to manage, whatever happens ;)

    Reading up on maternity law might make you feel a bit better too ;) It's a wonderful thing. And it might just give you the power and energy to mentally rebuff any perceived pissiness from your bosses ;)

    You will hopefully start to feel a bit more like yourself over the next 3 weeks, maternity law has got your back, and your GP will KNOW that this is all very difficult at the moment. So they should help you get through it. (Mat law even goes as far as saying if your GP of MW think you need time off for relaxation or parenting classes etc, then you get it, PAID)

    You should have a midwife appointment, an appointment for blood tests, and not too far off a scan and follow up midwife appointment all coming up in the next few weeks. Slip in an appointment to discuss this with your GP, and put them at the beginning or end of the working day, and give yourself that bit of paid time off to focus on your own well being.

    Hope that helps hon. If you need anything, just pm me.

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    It's illegal to discriminate against pregnant women in the work place it's classed as sex discrimination and could land them with a law suit if they carry on with their behaviour.

    They also cannot invoke disiplinary procedings against you for sickness resulting in time off from work if it is pregnancy related.

    You also need to get them to do you a risk assessment which should include things like being able to sit down if you feel faint, access to drinks, adjusted working hours etc.

    The bottom line is the law is on your side not theirs. As someone else suggested read up on what they can and can't do, knowledge is power. :)
  4. JayDee

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    I know what you mean, well kind of.

    I would love to change jobs but don't think now is the right time. I don't hate mine or anything, just fancy a change (that's why kind of).

    I've not told anyone I'm pregnant yet, and not sure how it will go when I do. We have times when everything is really pressurised and I'm not sure that the normal "I'm pregnant, I'm going home on time" (when everyone else stays really late). I guess only time will tell.

    Like Seraphim says, baby has to be the most important thing, just need to remember that and stick to your guns a bit I guess, however hard it is.

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