Worried that I'll have to give up BFing...

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by captainj1, Jan 28, 2011.

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    I'm a little sad this evening, LO has not fed from me in the daytime for the last 3 days, and not much the 2 days before that.

    He feeds OK from me for his 2 night feeds, probably because he is sleepy, but he has 6 teeth visible in his gums and is in so much pain with teething he is crying all day and despite trying to feed from me he just can't do it, it hurts him too much. He sucks two or three times and then pulls of and cries so hard its impossible to feed him. I then have to rock him and sing to him for 20 minutes or so to calm him down, and then he gets so tired with crying that his eyes start rolling and only then am i able to replace his dummy VERY quickly with a bottle of expressed milk and get him to drink something. The bottle is less painful for him but still painful, i got 12 oz in him today over the course of 4 bottles but that is all. It was lucky i had a few bottles of expressed milk in the fridge that i could use.

    I took him to the doctor today and they can't find anything wrong other than his teeth, the doctor was amazed that there were so many visible through the gums as he is only just 12 weeks old. Doc said to give him nurofen and use teething gel etc which I've been doing already and doesn't seem to offer him anything other than temporary relief.

    I'm sad because i am on my own all day and can't see how I can express enough for him when he is crying all day. He isn't sleeping well either so is napping in my arms, he won't be put down. I just don't have the opportunity to express and keep up with what he needs to eat - plus as he isn't eating well, i end up throwing away half of what is in the bottle anyway.

    Does anyone have any experience that can give me hope? Will he get over the pain soon and start to feed in the day again?

    LO has not had any formula at all so far and I really don't want to give him any, but if he isn't feeding well by Monday (when DH goes back to work) I can't see an alternative...


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    I don't have any advice on this situation in particular at such a young age; but my eldest did 'cut' 8 teeth at once at one point and it did cause him to go off his feeds for a few days; he was on solids already though so it wasn't as much of a problem. Hopefully there is a way you can get your LO to feed again and not have to start giving formula and I hope one of the other ladies can advise you appropriately xx
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    Hopefully he gets over the pain of teething so many teeth at once quickly. I understand the desire to not give formula - I had to give formula topups for the first couple weeks to Clara as my milk didn't come in until day 6 (and then not very much) and she got dehydrated. Thankfully, I haven't had to do formula since. If you do end up giving him a little formula just to make sure he's eating, don't beat yourself up over it. It'll just be temporary. Keep trying to bf and express as much as you're able and soon enough he'll be back on the boob fulltime like a little champ. Good luck to you hun.

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