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    I'm a worrywart by nature, so now that I'm expecting my first I'm thinking about everything that worries me in overdraft mode

    - Our place is too small. 1,100 square feet. My husband and I have a two bedroom two bath condo. We are underwater so we can't sell, and even renting it out wouldn't cover our monthly mortgage/condo fees. And because of that we can't afford a new place. Do we really have enough room for a third person?

    - I lost 40 pounds in 2013, what if I gain it all back with this pregnancy?

    - I've stopped taking my anti-depression, OCD, and anti-anxiety medication because I'm worried about the baby. But now I feel worse about all of my mental disease problems. What if the baby gets these same problems as me?

    - I'm too selfish to be a mother, what if the kid grows up to hate me?

    - What if I have a miscarriage because of all the stress I'm causing myself from worry?

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