would you worry you were infertile if this happened to you?

Discussion in 'TTC Groups & Discussions' started by Stargazing, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. Stargazing

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    Mar 8, 2019
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    for 6 years now i haven't been on any form of contraception. I have been simply making (my ex) pull out during the 1 week of ovulation time....BUT that 1 week was based very loosely on my period app which is often wrong as my periods are irregular. so basically i've been super unsafe for 6 years and... nothing. I haven't become pregnant from this.

    At first I thought it was normal, but after talking to friends and family I realise it's probably not. I know lots of people who got pregnant from doing that or even from having sex once. My sister got pregnant on the IUD TWICE.

    Now that i'm getting older i'm getting anxious that i'm infertile (I also have mild PCOS). I went to a doctor about it this week and they are doing some hormone testing for fertility. but.. does anyone have any opinions or advice??

    surely after 6 years of this type of unsafe sex, we would have become pregnant by now? there have been maybe 5-10 times we have had no-pull out sex during ovulation week as well over the years. I've just waited to have kids for so long now, i'd hate to think there was something wrong.

    Thanks for reading :)
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    If youre trying to get pregnant, you should track your ovulation in some way and see what happens. Otherwise, i think going to the doctor like you did, is a good first step!
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    I don't think it means anything is wrong! After all, timing is everything.
    Timing might be off every time - (also, don't forget that you're not the only factor in the equation, he might have had a problem?) And even if you had sex during ovulation week, an egg is viable 12-36 hours depending. So if you did it the monday and ovulated the friday, the odds were slim by then.

    Even when all is done right, I think under 30 the odds are something like 30% it worked? So I wouldn't worry just yet! But, I can understand the anxiety, I was the same way!

    Hang in there hun :hugs:
  4. jujusflo1986

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    Hi, you also have to bear in mind that it takes 2 people to be pregnant. So many times we focus on us women and forget that men are slso responsible for pregnancy, and that the problem could not be you at all and sometimes it could be both of you. Following a formal infertility clinic is the best option
  5. mimi4

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    Sep 18, 2016
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    Stay positive and don't give up. Infertility is emotionally and financially draining, but you cannot win if you give up. Good luck

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