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    Now that i'm done for my 3 I thought i'd post my lists :) I feel like my younger daughter has a lot less but as her main present is a lot more expensive than the other 2's it can't be helped as I try and keep the amount spent the same for all 3.

    Nancy (9.5, will be 10)

    Ikea makeup mirror
    Argos makeup palette
    Schleich fairy figure
    Scholastic activity books set
    Ice-cream slime making kit
    Tiny treasures dolls outfit and accessory set
    Dork Diary how to dork your diary book
    Draw yourself Titanic book
    Microscope (main present)
    Roblox sorority set
    Metallic bic pen set
    Lego vidiyo llama boombox set
    Benny the St Bernard teddy
    3D squishy body book
    Baylis & harding unicorn pencil case set
    Metallic sharpie set
    Kinetic sand bucket
    Colour reveal Barbie
    Risk game
    Worst Witch book set
    Roblox annual
    Xmas 1000 piece jigsaw
    Puzzle roll
    Stocking: Mario lego blindbag, lipbalm, patterned duck tape, Roblox blindbag, Slinky, Real littles backpack, Among us keyring, Smiggle pen, Schleich unicorn blindbag, xmas fidget popper toy, magic tree, Rubix puzzle, 5 surprise unicorn ball, Claires hairband, Playstation socks, sweets.

    Astrid (7)
    Ikea makeup mirror
    Colour reveal Barbie
    Barbie Dreamhouse (main present)
    Schleich fairy figure
    Furreal walkalot cat
    Lego friends ferris wheel
    Child's Farm wash bag set
    Unicorn plush head
    Playdoh slime set
    Playdoh llama set
    Roblox pizza set
    Present pet minis 3 pack
    Barbie annual
    Crayola twistables pens
    Scholastic activity books set
    6x Never Girls books
    Stocking: Mario lego blindbag, lipbalm, patterned duck tape, Barbie Ken shoe set, Slinky, Real littles backpack, Among us keyring, Smiggle pen, Schleich unicorn blindbag, xmas fidget popper toy, Unicorn light up spinner, Lego friends mini bag, 5 surprise unicorn ball, Claires hairband, LOL socks, sweets.

    Dominic (5.5)
    Lego treehouse set
    Crayola silly scents pen set
    Scholastic activity books set
    Turbo man figure
    Roald Dahl poetry book
    You Choose fairytales book
    Pokemon Mew figure
    2 Mario figures (Hammer bro and Larry bowser)
    Mini Squeakee dog
    Lego dinosaur set
    Transformers bot bots pack
    Mario Bowsers airship (main present)
    Playdoh sand set
    Gold Playdoh set
    Playdoh stretch slime
    Jiggly pet dog
    Childs Farm wash bag set
    Pokemon annual
    Plush panda head
    Superthings sets x3
    Furreal walkalots dog
    Mighty beanz and launcher
    Roblox prison set
    Chessington Top Trumps
    Micro toy minis pack of 20
    Pokemon cushion
    Mario set of 4 jigsaws
    Siku diecast bus
    Stocking: Mario lego blindbags x2, lipbalm, patterned duck tape, Diecast spaceship, Slinky, Lego mini bag, Among us keyring, Smiggle pen, Micro machines blindbag, xmas fidget popper toy, football light up spinner, 5 surprise dinosaur ball, Tonka mini blindbag, Pokemon socks, sweets.
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    Great lists.
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    Well done, great gifts xx
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    Great lists...plus your girls are similar ages to mine so gives me some inspiration :)

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