xx Winter is here cant you tell xx

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Angeldust, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Angeldust

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    Winter is here cant you tell girls
    dam tree in my garden has let go of its leaves leaving them all over the place
    now the wind has picked up and sharing them with everyone elsa and scattering them everywhere :hissy:

    I dont know what it is but when winter comes and i feel really cold i always get really hungry and go on a food rampage Lol

    I have not been well for the last few days had really bad headaches feeling dizzy and was admitted to hospital and signed my self out was suppose to have ct brain scan and needle in spine to draw fluid i know am naughty :blush:
    and i should not of gone home but my gp has been phoning me for 2 days now checking how i am i still have to go for the scan and will be soon

    I have the heating on but cant have it on full cause it will start my headaches off :( so i have a jumper and nightgown and pgs on and still feel the cold you can tell its winter when your friend or familys knock at your house and you answer looking like a eskemo :rofl:

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