You Get Down!

Discussion in 'Featured Tales from the Crib' started by Nerdy, Jan 11, 2016.

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    So my son, Ethan, has become an expert mountaineer. He can scale anything, and I'm convinced he'll manage to climb the walls any minute now. As such, we're always saying "Ethan, get down!" off the chairs, couch arms, coffee table, play box, radio flyer wagon... You name it, he's climbed it.

    On top of this, he's now figured out how to get out of his diapers with little to no problem at all -- and frequently does it without anyone noticing until he streaks past and you're left staring at his adorable, retreating hind quarters. Anyhoo... While my mother was watching him the other evening, it turns out that my own personal Grizzly Adams managed to make it on top of her kitchen table, picking through her fruit bowl. She told him to get down and he promptly placed his hands on his hips - proud as could be, and naked the day he was born - and very matter of factly told her "YOU GET DOWN!" :dohh:

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