Zofran-- secrets to taking it?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by JackiePed, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. JackiePed

    JackiePed Guest

    Ok Girls, I'm desperate... why is it that sometimes when I take Zofran it helps alot, and other times I may as well not have taken it for all the good it does me??

    Is there some sort of 'trick' to taking it, like before you eat instead of after, or under the tongue instead of on top, etc... ???:wacko:

    I swear I can't take another minute of constantly feeling on the edge of barfing. I just want a NORMAL life, and to eat NORMAL food. :brat:

    Also, do you know, does it help to take more than one tablet at a time? Does that make you MORE constipated? (is that even POSSIBLE??) I've read some people saying they take 8 mg Zofran, mine are only 4 mg... is taking two worth it?
  2. Clover Jane

    Clover Jane Guest

    Weird. It always helps me, to one extent or another.
    I've got the 4 mg, the one that dissolves on your tongue and tastes like strawberry (sort of).

    I take it first thing when i wake up, and that's it.
    My insurance only pays for 30 pills a month, so I can only have one a day.
    It gets me through the first half of work. I'm less nauseated in the afternoon than I am in the morning, so I usually tolerate the second half of work unmedicated.
    By evening, I'm sick as a dog again, but at least I'm home and can just try to go to sleep.
    I keep a towel next to the bed, because half the time I wake up in the middle of the night puking, but since there's nothing in my stomach, I'm just puking up some bile.
    Then I just look forward to the morning when i can take my pill again.
    Those pills have saved my life by giving me at least a brief respite each day from the nausea.
    I'm sorry they're not working consistently for you. That's a shame. :(

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