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    I took zzzquil Wednesday night, Thursday morning I took a digital pregnancy test. I got a positive result. Took another test Friday and got a negative result. Could the active ingredient Diphenhydramine HCI . Create a false positive? I tried researching it but, all the topics only talk about a drug test not a pregnancy test. Did anyone else have this issue and btw my Aunt who is a labor and delivery Nurse, she swears I am pregnant. My period is due in 3 days. My Husband and I are hoping it's positive but, I guess I am not as optimistic as he is:(
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    I don't believe that can effect a pregnancy test. Usually only defective tests or hcg medications give false positives. Good luck on anther bfp!
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    Diphenhydramine, also the active ingredient in Benadryl, has not been known to cause false positives in pregnancy tests. I believe the only things that do that are certain fertility medications.

    Were the tests the same brand? Were they both taken with morning urine or the Friday one with more dilute urine? Either one could be defective I suppose, I'd take another test to be definitive. Since AF is still a few days out I'd suggest a FRER or other early result test with pink dye (blue dye ones can be notorious for ambiguous results, not what you need!), and hold off on the digital ones. They are usually not very sensitive, although they could be getting more sensitive.

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