Constant nappy rash...we made it!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by annanouska, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Hi everyone :flower:

    My lo never had nappy rash until,around 3 mo then it became beyond a joke. He was tested for yeast, bacteria and fungus. We tried every cream you could buy or have prescribed to no tried every nappy brand (no joke!) and even tried cloth ( didn't work out for us). I did nappy free, salt wash everything but no :dohh:

    It got so bad on a few occasions his nappy would stick due to the blood :cry: I sought medical advice and got nowhere until I was chatting to the lady in the chemist after I'd had him in with another bad bleed.

    She asked how I cleaned him. I said wipes and dab dry. I'd tried cotton wool but it was so expensive for how much he used (he does 6/7 dirties a day....still!). The lady advised me to try cloth wipes so I did. I got a cheeky wipe set as its easier for me as I dt have a cloth nappy set up. Ever since we did the issue resolved. We gr the odd sore patch, just sall when teething but nothing like we went through. He doesn't even have cream now.

    The wipes are so easy to use and even for a huge poopy nappy at 15 months you only need one wipe.

    I just wanted to share incase anyone is going through this. I know its not the same for everyone and each child is different but I can't believe how much of a difference it made. Also it's soooo much easier to get poo off! X

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