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Apr 19, 2021
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I've taken test after test. I'm 1 day late and have a very regular cycle. Never late, always start maybe day or so early. Took this test this morning. Negative. I'm hoping I just ovulated later than expected because ever since my calendar told me I was supposed to ovulate, no cramping but couple days after i had bad cramping for 8 days straight, and then it stopped. Nauseous last two days but no positive test. I know not considered out until af comes but I feel like if I was then the early test would have picked up something by now. Especially being late.

Keep in mind that implantation window is 6-12 dpo and without implantation there's no hcg for a test to pick up. Ovulating a day or two late and implantation on the late side of average (or even later than average) can make for a test that doesn't go positive for a couple days after your expected period.
The app says I ovulated the 1st but I felt extremely bad back pain and more the 3rd. That continued on for days I adjusted my app as if I ovulated late and it says af due tomorrow. Today would be 13po. I have one more test.

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Without confirming O it’s hard to say you’re late. Lots of things can delay ovulation and those same things can make you feel off. You’re definitely not out. I’d say if you have only one test then take your temp in the morning before you get up. If it’s still over 98 F you’re likely still in your lp and it’s worth testing. If it’s under 98 then it’s low generally and could mean af is coming. FXed
Like I had pretty regular 27/28 cycles. I assumed my (as did my app) that I had a 14 day lp. But when I started tracking, turns out I was ovulating CD 15/16 and my lp was only 12 days. Also turned out I have pcos that’s a long story lol

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