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Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by Uniquegirl18, Aug 16, 2023.

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    Been ttc #1 for 11 years got diagnosed with endometriosis in april/may this.year seen gynecology today and he asked what decision ive made regarding treatment ( got options through the post on the letter) i said i cant use bc because of epilepsy medication so he said about freezing my eggs then surgery for endo then ivf. I dont know how to feel tbh. Has anyone gone through this what was it like how many injections a day did you do any details/tips would be very much appreciated right now....also on my letter it mentioned a " functional cyst on left ovary but could also indicate hydrosalpinx??
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    I haven't done any IVF type treatments so I'm no help there but if you have questions about specific conditions, it might be worth trying to get an appointment with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist. I don't know where you are located so I don't know if there are any fertility specialists available in your area but an MFM or a doctor who specializes in infertility/reproductive issues may have some better explanations or treatment options than what you were given. They would also be able to explain what exactly is going on as well as how effective different treatment options are. And IVF treatments vary so much from person to person because it totally depends on how your body reacts to the medications, what your specific fertility issues are, and what your baseline hormone levels are so these are things you really need to see a doctor about.

    At the very least, if you are on epilepsy medications, I'd talk to your neurologist to see if there are pregnancy safe medications/treatments you can switch to and if there are any fertility treatments/medications you should avoid due to your epilepsy. And I'm not sure what a functional cyst means but hydrosalpinx means fluid is seen in your fallopian tube(s). If there's fluid there, it's alot more difficult to get pregnant naturally if at all. I think it can be drained if it's not too bad but my dr had said if I had fluid in my tubes when she did my hysterscopy a few years ago, she'd have done a tubal ligation on me because the fluid usually is caused by an infection or inflammation and can damage the tubes.

    Good luck though. I know it seems overwhelming and disheartening to hear all of this seemingly bad news but you do have options at this point and I think if you sit down with a doctor who knows more about IVF and endometriosis treatments, you'll be able to sort through it all and make an informed decision.
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    Hello! I'm truly sorry to hear that you are going through this. I would strongly advise you to ask more questions, such as about the success rates, the expected duration, and the overall cost of the treatments. It's important to note that treatment options may differ from one clinic to another. I recommend consulting with at least two reputable fertility clinics (not gynecologists) and comparing the information you receive to make an informed decision. Regarding the stages of IVF, this highly detailed guide on IVF could assist you in understanding all the stages and their respective timeframes. The best of luck on your journey.

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