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Discussion in 'Shop Til You Drop' started by ribboninthesky, Oct 28, 2008.

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    As the title suggests, place your first order with tommeetippee.co.uk and get 25% off your total spend.

    Found this in the current Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine. :happydance:

    If you spend over £50, postage and packing is free too!

    I ordered goods that came to £53 (260 ml bottles x 6, 150ml bottles x 2, steriliser set which contains a microwave or cold water steriliser plus 3 260ml bottles & bottle cleaner etc, pack of 2 insulation bottle holders) and after the discount I still received free delivery. (My total to pay was £39 and some pence)

    Place your order and in the discount code box, enter PB2.

    Please note, you have to put all your details in, plus your payment details, enter the code, then the next page is where you review everything and submit.

    Hope this helps somebody :hug:

    Shell xx

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