2WW Nerd Question on Fertility Friend studies/stats

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by amerikiwi, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Feb 26, 2009
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    Does anyone know if FF actually publishes their statistical studies or just the snapshot conclusions.

    In particular, this one about implant dips has peaked my interest during 2WW:

    The piece of info that I'm missing is how the initial breakdown of the sample: i.e. what proportion of the total sample were pregnancy vs. non-pregnancy. With this info, I can calculate a conditional probability of being pregnant given that the chart has shown an implant dip.

    For example: If half their sample was pregnant, then based on that sample, a person who's chart shows an implant dip has a 67.65% chance of being pregnant.

    If the sample was split 25/75 for pregnant/not pregnant, then the same person has only a 41.07% chance.

    Any thoughts or ideas? :comp:

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