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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive #1' started by Tess08, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Need some advice ladies.

    Okay so I got my first positive OPK on Sunday which was a day earlier than I expected because that was CD16 and I usually get my pos OPKs for 3 days from CD 17-19 with O happening on CD19 but nonetheless, I was obviously happy that O was on its way. I'm now on CD20 and my OPKs are still positive :S. I temp aswell and usually get a dip on the day of O so I got a dip on tues making me think that would be O day but then I got a further dip yesterday followed by a slight increase of .25 today. I know O hasn't happened yet because I haven't had my temp rise of atleast .4 so I'm really confused. I've never had any problems with O'ing before and the strange thing is that this has been the most relaxed cycle I've had since starting TTC so I know stress isn't a factor here!! Do the 5 days of pos OPKs mean that my body is trying to O but for some reason is having difficulty? The only thing that is different with me this cycle is that I have gone on a diet and have so far lost 5lbs, could that be a factor?

    Thanks in advance for your replies x

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