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8 days left of work!


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Sep 1, 2006
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I gave up today and asked my boss if I could finish next Friday, a week earlier than I planned. I can't sleep at night properly and found myself dropping off in the middle of school today!

She said it's fine so I only have 8 days left. The relief is enormous!
Awwwwwww I am so pleased for you babe.......Sorry you are struggling tho hun, but atleast you are on countdown now!

How you feeling babe, how's the SPD? I am waiting for my phsio appointment now and really suffereing this week :cry: :hugs: x
awww yay maternity leave is awesome to look forward to!!! well i think so lol i hate working haha.

i am done this friday thank god!!

congrats on being off soon :D:D sorry to hear you aren't doing well tho maybe the rest will help :D
Tam, i really hope everything looks up for you at your physio appt...hope next week is a better one for you :D
lexis_mommy said:
Tam, i really hope everything looks up for you at your physio appt...hope next week is a better one for you :D

Thank you babe!!! :hugs:

And congrats on packing up work on Friday :happydance: You will get more time on here now :wink:
We'll all be on here constantly!! Hope the physio helps Tam, mine did! Just to remind me to stand properly and think about what I am doing helps.

7 days 2 go!!
hehehe i wonder if our bosses know we leave work on maternity and spend it all on here :twisted:
lol me either....i'd rather be on here than serving people their damn cakes lmfao

It's finally happened. I finished work today!! I can go back to bed after I drop ds at school on Monday!!

Daytime telly for me, hurray!

:dance: :happydance:
yay get as much rest as possible sleep sleep sleep
hey hun we MUST meet up in chester and do christmas shopping since now your a lady of leisure!!!
It's 11.30 and I've just got up afetr oing back to bed after the school run.

Terrie it would be great to meet up sometime, how are you fixed this week? I need to go across to Chester as a friend of mine has just had a little girl and I want to visit her, probably on Wednesday. Next week I am running about doing the school xmas show (I know I've supposed to have finished Work!)

Either post or pm me!!!

Daytime chat room browsing, how indulgent!

busy tomorrow and on thursday but im free wednesday,friday,saturday and sunday so whichever day would be best for you!

pm me!

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