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A letter from Asda...


Aug 31, 2006
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Dear Caroline
Thankyou for attending our recent Asda magic assesment. We were impressed by your input but unfortunatley do not have any suitable vacancies for you at present.

Your details will be kept on file for a period of six mont and should a suitable vacancy arise we will contact you to discuss further.

We would like to thank you for your interest in Asda.

A little dissapointed, but very happy that I at least impressed them.
If i dont hear anything by October then ill apply again. Ive learnt persistence will get you teh job you want (how i got my current job lol, i applied a few times)
Aw well at least you impressed!!!

Chatted to you on MSN so think your happy enough and have made a decision to suit you right now??

*hugs* pleased you did well though~!
Yea, 6 months isnt too long to stick it out. And at the new shift change ive worked out ill get a litte more than what i used to get on my old shifts (before the new manager) so its not all bad. Has worked out for now. But i think i might still keep looking about casually see if theres anything i fancy.
Thats great that you impressed them, obviously too good for checkout!!!
well done hun 6 months isn't that long and at least they are keeping you on file :)
Yea I agree .. the managers were prob worried that you would be after their jobs .. lol.

Well done though .. glad you arent feeling too down about it. Dont hurt to keep your eyes open and look for something else.

AG, Dont wait to hear from them. You really should keep checking in every now and then. It will show them that you really want to get a job there.:hugs:
I was talking to one of the girls who works there and she suggested to keep contacting them asking for any recent vacancies, so thats what im gonna do.
Thats a great Idea. Dont Let them Forget about you! Plus it shows you really want the job..
Well I would follow up 1 week from interview. From there, they may tell you to call back in x amount of time. If they dont, then just keep following up ever 2 weeks. (I know that we like to see that when we are hiring.) Also, I would possibly concider sending them a Thank You for the Interview Letter. Good Luck!:hugs:
I was thinking every other week, I shop tehre every week anyways so thought id ask the guy direct. at least he'll know my face then lol
Thats also a great Idea. You never know, you might ask on the perfect day. We just hired a guy on the spot because we fired someone that same day and he just happened to come in to check on his ap.
Aw shame you didn't get it, but good not to give up hope. Their reply sounds nice and positive. Keep stalking them! :)
aww sorry 2 hear tht hun :( hope summits comes up soon xx
:hugs: Their loss!

Don't give up babe, there is something better round the corner! x
Oh no :( Sorry to see this AG

You staying put at current job for now then?
Thats great that you impressed them, obviously too good for checkout!!!
well done hun 6 months isn't that long and at least they are keeping you on file :)

was actually just thinking that myself I reckon they see a lot of potential in her and are waiting for a suitable vacancy to arise

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