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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi all, ive been asked to post and tell those of you that are interested in my success with using agnus castus as i understand a few of you sre trying it at the mo!

we spent roughly a year ttc but other than a few false alarms nothing happened. we were considering going to see the doc when i got hold of a book by Zita West called "Guide to getting pregnant", i read it from cover to cover, couldnt put it down, as she talks so much sense without patronising and really filled me with hope. in the book she talks about many things but what interested me was what she said about alot of infertility possibly being linked with slight vitamin/mineral definancy from both parties. I worked out what i thought both DH and myself were lacking(baring inmind i think we have a reasonably good diet with plenty of fruit and veg etc), and on 26th july 2006(i keep a diary!) i started us on;

me: twice daily AG tincture(drops in water)
Folic acid
25mg Zinc
500mg Eve primrose
Vit B
Vit E

Him: 25mg Zinc
Vit B

On the 23rd Aug, feeling crap and sore but thinking little of it, i did a test and nearly fell over with shock when i got a BFP! sadly i m/c on 7th sept, prob one of the hardest things ive ever been thru, and i went to bed for a week and just sobbed, but i realised that if i'd managed to fall once, i could do it again, and decided that i was not going to be defeated so thought, lets get straight back on with it(which i realise some of you may find odd so soon after a m/c but,........) we started trying a few days after my bleeding stopped(tmi, sorry!, but someone is bound to ask!) and i immediatly started back on the Vits etc (as listed before)
You have know idea how stunned i was when 4 weeks later i got what i thought was the start of my first AF since the m/c, only for it to stop after a few hours. When i didnt start again i thought, i wonder if.......... so did a cheapie from tesco and BANG, BFP! i went straight back out and bought a CB, a FR and more tesco cheapies, all of them gave me a BFP, the results getting quicker and stronger with each test.

I went straight to the early preg unit at our local hospital(as i'd been told to do) and at first they didnt believe me, they said it was prob hormone left over from the previous preg. But inside i knew it wasnt and had to hassle and hassle them to take bloods etc, followd by several scans over the next 2/3 weeks, all of which showed a developing pregnancy.

I am now 23weeks pregnant and other than a few scares, things are going well. I cant say 100% that the vits etc got me preg, but i do believe that after a year of trying and getting more and more desperate, they did something. I would recommened that every woman read Zita Wests book(cheap on amazon, ebay etc)i gave me hope and encouragement when i thought maybe it would never happen for us. If anyone wants to ask me anything i'll happily chat, and i wish all those trying lots of luck and baby dust for when your time comes!xxx
Thanks for sharing that Muffin :D

Why did you take zinc? I thought it was only the men LMAO

I have a pot of agnus castus, baby aspirin, vit b6 & folic acid ready to start dosing myself up again!

Primrose also - Why this? I do actually have some!

I also have some viagra on my way to try this method :oops: :lol:
Ah thanks AG :lol: I have enough of that :oops:

Does this book have any info on misscarriages - chemical pregnancies Muffin!
A really encouraging story Muffin, thank you for sharing babe and well done hun, you did it :dance:

Hope the pregnancy is going well babe :hugs: x
wobbles, off the top of my head(would need to re read the book!) i cant remember the reasons for each thing i took, i just read the book and took from it what i decided applied to me/us.
It covers many types of miscarriage, PCOS, and lots of other areas, i found it the best book i ever got my hands on where the subject of pregnancy probs was concerned(and ive read enough!). Failing that, the recommendation on the front cover from The Times says, 'Zita West is famous for helping women to get pregnant when everything else has failed'. That sold it to me!!

All i know is that i spent i year ttc, i charted and used ov. prediction kits etc etc, and i never once got o positive "you are ovulating" result, it drove my whole life and caused no end of pain between me and DH, then i read the book, took from it what i thought applied, started on the AG etc etc and within a month i was pregnant. Coincidence or not i have no idea but i'd put money on the fact something i took worked?
After TTC for 2.5years with my husband in 2010, everyday I took pregnacare tablets (pre-conception) along with 2 x Agnus Castus tablets from boots by KIRA. I got caught straight away and didn't even have a period that month! I now have a healthy 7 month old baby girl (who weighed 10lbs 5oz at birth!!). Had a great pregnancy - no sickness - nothing!
I have been TTC again since she was a couple of months old and nothing yet. Started taking AC & Pregnancare tablets again this month and guess what... I'm 2 days late! Could it be.........................................
Fingers crossed for u tinky, keep me posted! I think I'll look into AC as well as looking for this book - I know this is an old thread but good info nonetheless!

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