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Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by Shifter, Apr 27, 2009.

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    So background is that at 1 week post c-section my wound got infected. I was given 5 days of antibiotics, it didn't clear up so got another 7 days and was referred to district nurses for regular checks and wound dressing. Finished the antibiotics 10 days ago and last two checks by nurses have been great, no sign of infection and wound healing nicely. That was the state of things last Wednesday.

    Just saw the nurses again today and I have an infection again! So am back on two types of antibiotics, had wound drained and swab taken for analysis. Am not allowed to shower or bathe to keep it dry and have to go back Wednesday.


    Am gutted. Was hoping to be discharged from nurses' service today but this happens instead.

    I already had an appointment with my antenatal doctor for Wednesday as have been getting dizzy spells, have trouble going to the loo and believe I'm suffering from PND, so this is just the icing on the cake really. It was her that the nurses brought in to have a look and prescribe the antibiotics so I mentioned that I had booked an appointment, so she's added this infection to the list of things to discuss.

    I feel rubbish :cry:
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    I can sooo sympathize with you! I've had a nurse coming to my house everyday to look after my wound - it was supposed to be over April 9th, we've extended it to May 9th and she says we will probably extend it again :(

    I know it's hard, it's sooo frustrating when it takes so long to recover especially with the other factors you mentioned... hopefully your doctor will be able to provide you with the appropriate care you need. Hope to hear you're feeling much better soon... :hugs:
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    You poor thing. I know it's hard but Just try to look ahead. In a few weeks / months / years you won't even remember this happened.

    Just try to be kind to yourself. Recovery is tough anyway without the complications. Hope your OH is looking after you.

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