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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by NewMummyx, Nov 14, 2011.

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    OK so the last 3 nights have been up in the air. Only 3 nights I hear you say? Well yes but we have had nearly 3mths of consistency at night so..!

    1st night
    LO went down at 7:30(ish), woke at 1am for bottle as usual and took 6oz. At 4am woke up and gave bottle, took 2oz. Spent the next half hour trying to resettle LO but gave in and took him into our bed as I thought it was a one off. LO went straight to sleep in our bed funny enough! :dohh:

    2nd night
    LO went down 7:30(ish), up 1am for 6oz bottle and back down. Up at 4am, sat bottle in his mouth but didnt see him sucking. Wasnt taking him into our bed again as he would get used to it so spent the next hour and a half resettling him. In that 1hr and a half he took 2oz and finally went back down 5:30am

    last night
    LO went down 7:30ish), woke up 4x in total taking about 2oz each time before spitting out bottle and going straight back to sleep! :wacko:

    Do you think LO is waking out of habit for the bottle as he isnt taking more than 2oz at a time now?
    Any suggestions getting him back on track?
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    Maybe he is just missing you and needs some cuddle time! He might not be hungry at all. Or maybe he is cold & he is warmer with you? maybe a sleep sack or a pair of socks under his jammies? Thick drapes over the windows?

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