Any Plumbers or Plumbers wives in the house?


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Aug 31, 2006
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Ok, i am getting my shower cabinet removed, a corner bath put in with a curved screen, sink moved and towel heater taken out with tiny radiator put in...wondering how much this would cost bathrooms tiny too...
ta bxox
It all depands on how much labour is involved, which all depends on positioning, if pipes will need to be extended or moved much. And also how much of the pre will be done yourselves, like removing the existing shower cabinet etc.

Im getting a load of plumbing work done, got some hugly varied approximate quotes on the phone but your best off just getting a couple of people to pop over and give you a quote. They wont charge you for it, and it will just give you an idea. I will warn you though, because of the time of year most plumbers are very heavily booked at the mo, so you will want to get yourself one booked soon.
hey, all the pipes are staying where they are...not doing any pre as we need it done as soon as so thought they would be quicker doing it...not getting anything done til after new year now i think...i will do the tiling so that should help, more scared of the costs of plastering
Good job you dont mind waiting till the new year cause I called a load of plumbers a couple of weeks ago and all bar one were fully booked till the new year! They laughed me off the phone!

How come you need plastering done if your tiling? or are you just tiling half the wall and painting the rest? If so could you not just use some of that polycel smooth over stuff? I have an artex wall in my new house that Im going to skim over myself with it.
my bathroom just now has tiles floor to ceiling and i hate them, what them off and just tiles behind the bath and shower. so we wont get the tiles off without having to plaster then re-tile i dont think...

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