Anyone else with infection issues post section??

Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by lilbeanfolk, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Mar 18, 2011
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    I am 2 wkd post section and will be the first to admit I overdo. Just so ready to get back to my life. Noticed sat I was having chills and sweats but chalked it up to all the trauma my body went through and lack of sleep. Then yesterday noticed yellow drainage on my clothes where the incision is. Saw the doc and she gave me a shot of antibiotics and orals to start. Recheck Monday but if it gets worse may have open it and drain it and poss get admitted for IV antibiotics. I feel like total crap, ache from head to toe, wake up drenched in sweat, my whole pelvis and back ache and throb, along with sleep deprivation and boobs hurt from pumping every 3-4 hours... I'm miserable!!! Just want to sit down and cry. Anyone else???

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