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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by MissyMojo, Jan 26, 2011.

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    hey all,

    im currently on the minipill (micronor) however my memory is terrible and i'd like to go back onto patch at some point, it does advise that the patch "can have an effect on breastfeeding mums" is my supply likely to get lower? will it stop completely?
    can anyone tell me from personal experience?

    i was considering making the switch when my current supply of mini pill ends in may - At which point lo will be just over 6m (27weeks) or should i wait another 12w/3packs of pill and switch at 9m / 39w??
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    I was on the patch before TTC LO - I was going to go back on it when LO was 6 months as my doc will prescribe it once 6 months pp if breastfeeding. I went and collected it but just had "can decrease milk production" going round in my head all day and to be honest I still felt uneasy going back on hormonal b/c whilst still BF so I have decided to stay off it and carry on using condoms till I am no longer feeding.

    No advice - just wanted to show that you're not alone :hugs:

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