Bad Bad Pram!!!!


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Sep 5, 2006
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i have a blue OBaby pram for Rhys that turns around for when hes older

first of all the pram squeeked from the minute it came out of the shop so last week i took it back coz i was so fed up with it. anyway the woman sent it to be fixed and it came back ok, no squeeking.

today i was walking across the road and one of the wheels came off!!!! so there i was in the middle of quite a busy road stuck coz i couldnt move it as it was a front wheel. so a car had to stop and the driver got out and helped me move the pram off the road. how dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i struggled home with it and all my shopping in the bottom, bearing in mind i was 20min walk from home! i rang the shop where i got it from and she asked me to try and clip the wheel back on and ring her back if i couldnt! so i tried and after fiddling around i managed to clip it back on, i rang her back, stating that i wasnt happy and i wanted it exchanged for a different pram and she said, i quote ' well its not broken now is it?'

I AM FUMING!!!!!!!!!!!!
:x WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok not broken now as such but what is to stop it happening agin???
I wouls deff take it back to be swapped and stand your ground hun:trouble:

Are you ok? i bet you were really shook up:hugs:
i was MORTIFIED!!!!!! its such a busy road!!!! and it was just as the kids were all coming out of school so loads of cars on the road!!

as you said what is to stop it doing it again? what if next time something happens?

i am shook up about it... dunno what to do
try phoning trading standards or consumer line direct and they may be able to give advice on rights etc. Personaaly i think under the sales of goods act it isn't fit for purpose intended. What good is a pram if the wheel falls off.
just been on their website and they dont sell my pram anymore.... i wonder why!?
There has to be something more wrong with that pram. You shouldn't just be able to clip and unclip wheels at random. I'd take it back to the shop and show that daft woman the problem and insist on your money back. It's not like it's very old or anything.
theres a phone number on the website ill ring it 2moro and see what they say... stupid woman in the shop is usless. when it went away to be repaired lastime she asnt even gonna give me a loaner pram to use while it was getting fixed i had to fight her to get one!!! (actually the one she gave me was lurvley.... if i coulda kept it i would have lol!)
She sounds like a right battle axe ...

If you have no joy threaten them with trading standards and suing them ... watchdog a good one too!

That ought to get there attention!

oh my god Terrie thats awful... very very dangerous!!! and as for that woman... phah, I know what I woulda said back to her! xx
say u want a new pram hun and explain that they don't make urs anymore so say u want the one she loaned u back, FOR KEEPS lol
omg I'd be fuming and kicking up a fuss lol, how can they expect you to carry on using that pram after what happened! It could happen again, get back on the phone, tell them your NOT happy and if they will not exchange it say you will ring trading standards to see where you stand and that you will be back in touch with them very soon! let us know what happens
take teh whell of again and return it to the bint and say it broke now i want a brand new one

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