Bexxies amnio results were fine


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Aug 31, 2006
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She asked me to let you know as shes still feeling rough!

Shes SO pleased & I am for you too Bexxie but shes still sick with nerves with the stress this has caused this short while that probably felt like a life time

awww good to hear everything is ok :) hope you're back up on your feet soon :):) :hugs:
im glad to hear that!!! thanx 4 telling us wobbs!!! xx
rach said:
glad all is ok for you hun xxx

I hope YOU are ok missy :hugs:

I have been wondering but didn't want to pester you x x x
hi hun sorry yeah am ok not been on line much just nipping on and off had new kitchen fitted and umpteen appointments etc and trying to sort house before i go back to work (next week) :( will try and catch up with you on msn before that miss you loads hope you are ok :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

ps sorry to take over thread :oops: xxx
Bexxie won't mind :D

A long journey for you that will be worth it - I can't wait! :D

Really miss you & do think about you as you should know anyway lol :hugs:

Feet up if you need to catch you soon I'm always about as you know x x x
Thats wonderful news, been checking back to see how you are :hugs:
:hugs: Im glad to hear your great news. Hope you feel better soon.
So glad bexxie your results were good. Take Care and Best Wishes Caroline.
I am so pleased for you Bexxie......that is great news!!! Now enjoy your pregnancy once you are feeling better :hugs: xx

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