Calling all Progesterone users!

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by reallyready, Aug 29, 2009.

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    Ciao ladies,
    I'm on my third and final round of Clomid. It's CD 33 and DPO 16. Yesterday I tested and got a BFN. Since DPO 4 I've been using 200 mg Prometrium (progesterone) every night before bed.

    Last cycle was the first time I used progesterone. Once I got a BFN I quit using it, my period came 2 days later. I did this without asking doctor but based off what I'd read online about progesterone delaying period. At my next visit, my doctor said, "This next time, do NOT stop taking the progesterone until AF arrives, AF will arrive if you are not pregnant EVEN IF you are using progesterone."

    Yesterday I called doc, faxed her my chart, she said, "this looks good, keep taking the progesterone, if AF doesn't arrive by next Thursday, retest"

    As I'm embarking on my third week wait, I'm wondering, has anyone been through this progesterone stuff with their doc?

    I was so surprised by what she was saying I didn't even remember to ask her if I could come in for a blood test. :dohh:


    Oh and here is my chart:
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    I take prometrium too. I take it at about 4 to 5 DPO and then take it until af comes. Yes I beleive it has legthened my cycle quite a bit. I have been taking it since I believe November and I have noticed a huge change. I stopped taking it per my Fs request and my body went to crap real quick. I am 37 and my gyn told me that it wouldn't hurt to take it. So I continue to take it. I had like 12 to 13 luteal phase and now it is like 14 to 16 luteal phase. Which works better to help sustain a viable pregnancy. I hope that helped some. Good luck and :dust: to you! Your chart looks great BTW!

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    I take Prometrium too...after ovulation until AF arrives. However, if AF is due and the test is negative, I stop taking it. I take 200mg per night, orally. I also take Clomid which can lengthen the luteal phase and increase progesterone.

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