Can Femaprin STOP Working?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive #1' started by Heather Dawn, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Hi all.

    I'm on my fourth cycle of Femaprin, and I've also been taking YS Royal Jelly and Propolis for about a month now (two teaspoons a day on an empty stomach, which I started on about CD2 or CD3 of THIS cycle). Last month, I had a perfect 29-day cycle (after about four months of really long, irregular ones - which, themselves, came after a year or so of VERY regular cycles that were about 31 days long) so I figured that the Femaprin had kicked in (especially since it requires at least 90 days to start working, and that was my 90-day mark, give or take). I was SO happy.

    However, this month I think it has stopped working and I'm trying not to panic. It's CD31, and not even a hint of AF in sight. I refuse to even entertain the serious thought that I could actually be pregnant, because it seems too good to be true - so my concern is that the Femaprin stopped working or that maybe the Royal Jelly has caused a disruption.

    Any suggestions? After last month, I was feeling so encouraged and positive, but now I'm very sure that my chance of pregnancy have been derailed.

    (Maybe my cycle is just getting back to the ORIGINAL 31-day schedule that it was on before it went wonky for a few months - which I believe was due to work stress that has now been entirely alleviated.)

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