Chance of late period due to stomach flu?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by sunshine20, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I was sick twice this month with a stomach flu. Might be tmi but, the first time I literally had liquid diarrhea. I couldn't control it and ended up having to buy a new matress cover if you know what I mean. That went on for 3 days. Second time was violent throwing up. I am NOT by any means a puker. When I throw up, I'm SICK. I was throwing up every hour on the hour from 3am until 8am. Then it moved onto diarrhea that was almost like the first stomach bug but not nearly as bad. I'm just getting over that one.
    The first time I was sick was the week I was due to ovulate & the second was the week AF was due. AF is now 3/4 days late and although I don't *feel* pregnant in the least bit, shes still late and i'm still concerned lol.

    I know that the stomach flu's were NOT pregnancy signs. The first flu I caught from my best friend, her baby & her boyfriend who had it when I went to see them & neglected to tell me (otherwise I would have never went over there) & the second the friends I caught it from, their daughter had it a week prior, the husband the night we saw them & I got it the next night & so did hubby. (if I was the only one with these "stomach flu's" i'd totally jump on the "these are signs of pregnancy" boat but i'm not the only one so I know that they aren't)

    I took a test on Friday & it was negative. Took a test today, & it was also negative. (and i'm trying to save my last test for tomorrow morning but i dont know if I can control myself!!! lol) The first one was CVS's brand of the first response one & 2nd was a dollar tree one.

    I've had light spotting for the past almost week when doing a cervix swipe but other than that nothing. Light cramping for the past few days & my :holly: are sore today (but today was the first day they were strapped in a bra since maybe last Thursday)

    I've tried google & it has been NO help. One website said that if your sick near the time you ovulate your body says "hey, shes sick. This is no time to get pregnant" & other websites/people say that "no no matter what happens you will ovulate so your probably pregnant"

    This is nerve wracking due to the fact that hubby & I have decided to stop ttc & go back on BC until he gets a better job & so i can go to school as our current situation would not be an good enviroment for a little one. I don't want to go into details because I'm not comfortable posting them on a board that is viewable to the public & I really don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by posting them here. (if you care to know, I will be more than happy to tell you in a private message. I don't really have many girlfriends/friends in general anymore and talking is nice) I've been upset every night since I started spotting considering that it was implantation spotting because of our current financial/living situation would just not be able to support a baby right now or even 9 months from now. & the fact that we decided together that it was best to wait makes it worse for me.
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    Hi honey,

    I get that not everyone is in a position for a baby right now. Whatever your reasons are, I'm sure they are very good and you don't need to justify yourself - though if you want a chat, please feel free to PM me - I've been in situations where a baby would be a big no no, believe me.

    Your period absolutely could be delayed by the awful illness you had. Your body doesn't exactly think "uh oh, better not get pregnant" but it does use all it's energy trying to fight the illness.

    How long have you been spotting?

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