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Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by 2Baby2, Dec 14, 2018.

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    I’m sure there is a lot of advice in different post but I was hoping to make this simple on me lol

    We are ttc for our 2nd and I will be staying home. My LO is 2 and fully potty trained (super lucky)

    I was hoping to cloth diaper with our second besides being environmentally friendly, I was hoping to save money and figured since I was home I wouldn’t have to worry about daycare accepting or not accepting cloth diapers (some don’t by me)

    Is it really more cost effective? What was the most difficult for you? Both my SIL used cloth and their poor little ones got horrible diaper rash with blisters :(
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    We do cloth diapers. For me it's extremely cost effective since I got my first lot of diapers second hand from my sister for free. I got a second lot from our local Buy and Sell for $50 when my son was born since we'd have two kids in diapers at the same time. I just cut up old baby blankets and used them as cloth wipes, we have a spray bottle with water and just spray the wipes, then put the wipes and the diapers in the dirty pail together. We have a well so we don't pay for the water to wash them, so the only cost to me is the electricity to run the washer/dryer (although we line dry them in the summer).

    Rashes can happen whether in cloth or disposables. Both of my kids get/got terrible acidic poops during teething. Even if you change the diapers right away the few minutes the poop was in contact with their skin is enough to cause a burn. My son has had those horrible blister rashes from teething poops both when in cloth diapers at home, and when we used disposables when away on vacation. If they are not teething and still getting rashes then you might need to alter your washing routine. A great resource for all things disposable diaper is

    For me the hardest part was figuring out a good nighttime diaper. We ended up going to disposables at night because no matter what we tried both kids were constantly soaking through their diapers at night, or we'd have to pad the diapers so heavily they were uncomfortable and unable to move around easily in their cribs. Our town has the first disposable diaper composting program in Canada, so we can compost the two disposable diapers we use a day which makes me feel better about using them.
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