Colicky Baby - Help!!

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Clopatjo, Jun 3, 2011.

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    SOS! Bubs is 3 weeks old today :cloud9: however he's having serious cramping/feeding issues. He's on aptimal comfort as he was orig constipated shortly after birth. Also using infacol. Have bought colief but haven't started using it yet.

    Two questions for anyone faced w/ the dreaded colic....

    I have read good things about C & G comfort on that better than the aptimal it worth changing - GP said not to change as upset their system but am a bit of a desperado here!!

    Can you use colief with comfort formula...I know comfort food has less lactose in will it be harmful to use both.

    Any other tips appreciated. My mum's friend sugg fennel tea and my mum picked some up from herbal store, am a bit nervous about this tho as he is only 3 weeks...rang gp and waiting on go ahead re; tea

    Thanks x
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    Colic is 3+ hours of crying per day for 3 weeks or more, from unexplained reasons - do you know if it's just gas? Or is it "colic" as defined (you don't know why)?

    If you don't know why (ie. not just gas) then I recommend Harvey Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block to help settle the baby.

    If it's just gas, then yes, I would try another brand (I'm not from the UK, don't know those brands), they can vary wildly. I used Enfamil the first 8 months and didn't switch because I was afraid it would make it worse, turns out when I finally did, the Similiac never caused problems! Ugh! So try early!

    Sorry, I don't know about colief. I would check with a pediatrician before giving a 3 week old anything other than milk but yes, some people swear by fennel tea. Good luck!

    Another tip, is to feed him upright with the bottle tilted at a 45 degree angle and keep him upright for 15-20 min after the feed. If that makes a huge difference, you may also want to consider the possibility of reflux.

    Good luck! Been there, it sucks!
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    I think 3weeks is classic time for them to be distressed by their digestive systems, I know mine was. Ive never tried Colief but I know Infacol was only effective once we doubled the dose to two droppers
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    not sure if you can use colif with comfort milk but colief is fantastic infacol done nothing foor my lo but colief worked wonders shes 11 weeks 2moro and she is prety much over the colic so weve started to wean her off it now, word of warning though colief gives them some very runny nappy explosions!!!

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