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    Right well last month i came on my period a week early and i was due on thursday. I am 2 days late and this morning i took a HPT and it was negative? Could i still be pregnant or just late? I am really confused. I am never ever late. Last month was the first time i have been early. What is going on?

    Baby dust..xx..
  2. Capsicum

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    Aug 17, 2009
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    Hi Tink,

    I know that some people don't test positive for days and even weeks after their missed period - so there is definitely hope!
  3. Tink.x

    Tink.x Guest

    It says in the booklet that came with it that i should test again in 3 days if AF don't show, shall i test then or should i try and wait a week. Also i am still smoking and i know that if i became preg then i would quit just like that, so should i quit now just to be safe? xx
  4. EHM

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    I would def give it few more days if you can and then test again, then if your af does not come after a wk maybe pop in to see the doctor.
  5. mlyn26

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    Dec 21, 2008
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    Give it a few days and test again, however, you may have just ovulated later this month which will delay period. FX'd it pregnancy not late period x

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