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    Nov 15, 2011
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    Hello ladies...
    I have had a very very normal period my whole life..its always been quite heavy but always seven days without fail ( unfortunately ) lol... but this time it was very different..first of all before i got my period like right around the week before i started to get very weird cravings.. for fish and peanut butter ( which i havent ate either of those things in years ! because i cannot stand them at all )..anyway besides that i was getting some white discharge that was no smell no burning no itching no nothing of that nature... my period did end up coming but it came a few days late only lasted two days which those two days were very heavy ...then for like two days no more bleeding..then for the next 2 days or so every now and then i would see very very light pink almost clear spotting which even when i have had my period its never like that ..ive actually never seen it like that before..can anyone explain what could be going on here? :confused:

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